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Life armor, make it light!

I’m recently catching up on the hit TV show “Game Of Thrones” based on novels by George R.R Martin. One of my favorite moments was the fight between prince Oberyn Martell and sir Gregor Clegane. One thing that still resonates in my mind was the Red Vipers approach to combat. He likes to be agile, fast and evasive. It’s a high risk high gain strategy especially going up against a large opponent like the Mountain. And although Oberyn lost the fight I think he’s conduct in battle is a good expression on how to live ours life’s.

Many times we hold on very strongly to our experiences, be they good or bad. As a result we end up putting on life armor successfully shielding us from harm. However most people stay in that steel fortress of mostly past failures, as a result unable to move forward and in essence change their life’s for the better.  Running away from Your problems doesn’t solve anything instead it make the issue bigger and more difficult to overcome.

So maybe it’s time to stop being the immovable object and take steps to become the unstoppable force. Get out of your comfort zone even if it means another failure. But instead of taking the blow or trying to withstand it, try to out-fence it. Runaway only to regain ground. Also plan ahead, and that means thinking on your feet it means You have to make decisions fast and not pro castrate your every move. Needless to say, Your life depends on it. The opponent is always in front of you, and he’s not going anywhere unless You defeat him.

Read, learn, listen and converse. Make Your footwork fast and precise with positive thoughts and energy. Let Your weapon be swift from an experienced hand that wields it.  Move around and don’t let negativity of Yourself and others get You down. Remember that “size matters not, when you’re flat on your back”.

Stay strong and until next time.

The White Lion


Photo: HBO Entertainment

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