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Why does it pay to be good

Why does it pay to be good For those who don’t know I’m a pretty big comic book fan. I always await a new movie adaptation with anticipation. This year’s Wonder Woman was no exception. Although I was skeptical at first given DC’s track record with their latest movies I must say that I

Life armor, make it light!

I’m recently catching up on the hit TV show “Game Of Thrones” based on novels by George R.R Martin. One of my favorite moments was the fight between prince Oberyn Martell and sir Gregor Clegane. One thing that still resonates in my mind was the Red Vipers approach to combat.

The White Lion – The Call

I remember that I always made up stories in my mind. Epic tales of faraway places. Maybe that’s why my dream is to write for a living, presumably with my own book written a happy group of fans. Reality however turns be more severe than any of my fictional endeavors.