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The White Lion – The Call

I remember that I always made up stories in my mind. Epic tales of faraway places. Maybe that’s why my dream is to write for a living, presumably with my own book written a happy group of fans. Reality however turns be more severe than any of my fictional endeavors. Still here I am again trying to come out of the woodwork. This time I’m writing in English for the first time. For one I wish to reach more people than my usual Polish audience, two I consider this a challenge. And the more you work hard for something the sweeter the reward.

The name of the blog is White Lion. Way of the Life Warrior. That’s a catchy title but it’s not why I chose it. A lion is fearless, and most people who are looking for motivation in their life’s want to be just that. And it’s nothing wrong. Quite the opposite. However I myself wish to be more than that. A white lion is one the rarest animals in the world. To my knowledge there are less than 70 of these beautiful creatures walking the earth.

This type of wild cat is unique. That’s why I chose it. The goal of this little project is to reach those who feel different in any way and encourage them to stop being scared of themselves and start making their dreams come true. Because we are all worthy of our dreams. So let’s not let anyone tell us otherwise.

Also this site is my way to express myself and ideas. I think that by sharing and listening to each other we became stronger. I believe in myself and my work so I hope my writing encourages someone to become the best version of themselves.

This first post is more of an introduction. Or better yet, an invitation from myself to all of You. Join me on a quest to become a White Lion. To overcome fear, shame and wear our dreams with pride. Finding the balance between confidence and arrogance, and completing the mission to help others.

If any of You out there are struggling with doubt, anxiety, fear and You feel that the goal you set is far away I have this to say. Stay strong, stand proud.  Because You are worth everything that’s  best in life, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Every day is determined by Your attitude, so always wake up with a good, even if it hard. It’s going to be hard in the beginning, but the end is closer than you think. It was said that a soldiers duty is not to ask why, the soldiers duty is to do, or die. So do, or die trying! Because you are not just a normal man or woman. You’re a Life Warrior, a White Lion!

If any of these small words of encouragement helped You in any way even by making you smile for a second while reading this at home, or work etc., let me know. I’m looking forward to making more post I could appreciate the feedback.

So, until we met again.

The White Lion

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